L.A. is known to streak. But(t) not that kind of streak.
A key hit to win a ballgame, a dose of redemption and a rather deep sigh of relief for the home folks.
I don't hate bunts. What I hate are wasted outs. What I hate are wasted opportunities.
L.A. had lost the same number of series after 29 games in 2021 (3) as they have now and still won 106 games.
Ep. 1958: The Gino-Cimoli-for-Wally-Moon TradeWatch now (1 min) | First in a series of the biggest trades in L.A. Dodgers history.
L.A. has won six straight games, swept the week ending Sunday and might just sweep through the week beginning Monday, too.
The Dodgers have played five three-game series in 2022, winning the opener only to drop the middle game of each of those series. They’ve then proceeded…
The less said about the Dodgers ugly series loss to the DBacks the better. So I’ll just say the boys in blue played two very bad baseball games Tuesday…
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